Private Client Services

Our private client services are for leaders who want an ongoing relationship that fits their schedules and their needs.  These retainer-based arrangements are as varied as the people and organizations involved.
Trusted adviser, mentor, business/executive coach, Dutch uncle, Charlie Munger, wingman – clients have used all of these terms to describe what they are looking for.  We can help.
For small and mid-sized businesses – typically private, sometimes family-owned, sometimes with investors – we can help this generation of owner/leaders to perform at a high level and take the organization forward.  That may be about growth and it may be about exit strategy – or both.  And we always enjoy opportunities to help hand over the reins to the next generation of owner/leaders in multi-generational family businesses.
  • Business advisory services
  • Critical decision support
  • Business coaching and executive coaching
  • Strategy and organization development
  • Meeting facilitation
Ideal for the individual who travels extensively or is located elsewhere in the US – an absolutely trustworthy collaborator who will be absolutely unbiased and absolutely honest.