Vision & Strategic Planning Retreats

All organizations need a vision.  Not a vision statement – a real vision.


Great leaders paint the vista.  Their managers and staff know where the organization is headed and how they will get there.  Do you?  Do yours?

Kettler StrategyWorks conducts Vision Retreats, where senior teams take time away from the day to day – and away from the office – to examine where they have been, what they are good at and where they are going.  Our custom programs typically require one day off-site and may include preliminary interviews and some variation on the SWOT analysis theme (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats); your needs will drive the time required and the agenda.  Our goal in a Vision Retreat – clarity of purpose for all, along with the identification of strategic initiatives driven by your vision.

Consistent with our philosophy, we are not trying to overlay Fortune 500 solutions on our small and midsized clients – no binders with page after page of boilerplate.  Our model includes the use of visualization, much as highly trained athletes use it to prepare themselves for competition. We have applied the use of retrospective visioning – sometimes used in city planning or community development – and back-planning, as used by some military tacticians – to promote creative and critical thinking that leads to actionable plans.  Letting us facilitate allows you to participate – not dominate or administrate.  We want you and your team to leave the room with a shared understanding of who you are, where you are going and – at a strategic level – how you will get there.  We think you should be able to verbalize those critical points without referring back to your notes.

Meetings are conducted at the venue and geographic location of your choice.  Contact us to learn more.