About Us

Meet Evan Kettler.  Strategist, adviser, business coach and executive coach.  Entrepreneur.  Professional board chair and board member.

Graduate, University of Pennsylvania.  Longtime Charlotte resident.  Arthur Andersen Consulting – before it was Accenture – New York City.  Specialty, organization and systems planning.  Coolest experience: learning to code in assembler language in St. Charles, IL.  Valuable lesson: smart, motivated people + great training makes for high performing teams.  Springs Industries – software development, business development.  Coolest job: pricing out companies for potential acquisition.  Valuable lesson: declining markets are not fun.  Started company, profit recovery and improvement for retailers. Valuable lesson: growing is way better than grinding.  Started company, profit recovery and improvement for healthcare.  Valuable lesson: passion is a prerequisite.  Four term board chair, highest rated public school in North Carolina. Coolest job: carving pumpkins with the kids.  Valuable lesson: leadership is about doing the right things for the right reasons. Chair, Vistage Worldwide, leading a peer advisory board for CEO/owners. Valuable lesson: listening is a superpower.

President, Kettler StrategyWorks.  Father, Cole and Rafe.  Husband, Karen.

Committed to bringing clarity of thought, intentionality of action and a network of best in class resources to small and midsized business leaders.

Passionate about high performing leadership and high performing organizations. Dedicated to working exclusively with owners and leaders – and the next generation of owners and leaders – of small and midsized businesses.


Believes that business, like sport, should be fun, exhilarating – and profitable. Believes that family and community count. That you get to build the culture in your company, starting with values – and that you have to model those values.

Believes in greatness, and aiming high.