About You

You have decisions to make, challenges to face, opportunities to explore and people who depend on you.

You are leading an organization.

You’re probably past the “it’s just me” stage and have 5 or 50 or maybe even 100 employees and/or contractors.  You could have started this year or a family member could have started the business 100 years ago – in either case, it’s yours to lead now.

You are growing an organization and want it to be profitable and sustainable.

Maybe you will triple in size this year, and are managing through the fast growth pain – and learning from your expensive hiring mistakes. Maybe your goal is a 20% compound annual growth rate, leaving your competitors behind in a mature market – without adding people.

You are growing as an entrepreneur.

Your skills have gotten you this far, to what most people would consider a significant level of success. You wonder if you have what is required to take your business to the next level, through whatever ceiling you have hit. You are willing to do just about whatever it will take to get there – learn, partner, hire, change.

You are growing as a person.

For entrepreneurs, business and personal tend to be inextricably intertwined. If this is your first time, you may be all in – but wondering if there’s more to life, or if you can keep up the pace. If you’ve done it before, you may be sensitive to maintaining some balance in your life – for your own sake as well as your family’s. You know that relationships – at work and at home – influence outcomes.

You are aware that you cannot know everything and be everywhere.

And you don’t want that truth to be the limiting factor in the success of your business.