We always start with leaders, because that’s where we can have the greatest impact. We like high-performing leaders. A lot.

You may be the president, the CEO, the managing director, the principal, the owner, the partner.  Positively influencing your behavior and your performance is our focus. As circumstances dictate, we may extend our work to include your management team – especially when you are ready to give them authority consistent with their responsibility.  We like high-performing teams.  A lot.

Strategy counts. We think it is important to see all the moving pieces and take appropriate action.

Inertia is no substitute for strategy.  Hope is not a strategy.  And reacting – whether to market forces or competitive pressure – is not the same thing as acting strategically.

We believe that leadership and business are complex.  People are complex.  Relationships are complex. Our work is designed to help you see these complex issues with clarity and to act with intent.

We don’t have a formula or a template that fits every individual.  We don’t embrace 5 steps or 7 truths or 10 rules. We approach you, the entrepreneurial leader, with a blank slate.

We believe that excellence requires both bandwidth and hard work.
We are outcome oriented.

Profit. Growth. Balance. Culture. Sustainability. Value. We work with you to achieve better outcomes.

We only work with small and mid-size companies, because that’s what we are best at and because that is where the action is.

That’s where we can be the most effective catalyst for positive change, and where positive change can most quickly translate into significantly improved results.  We like high-performing companies.  A lot.

We only do what we are competent to do.

If we can, we will introduce you to best in class outside resources for services requiring special expertise. We want you to operate at a higher level of poise and sophistication – strategic and operational – than your competitors.