Kettler StrategyWorks. High performance leaders. High performance organizations.

Business advisory services for the owners and operators of entrepreneurial ventures. Strategy, mentorship and coaching for leaders of businesses from $1-$100 million.

Private client retained services - anywhere in the world.

Need a mentor? A board chair or director? An unbiased sounding board to provide challenge and help you gain clarity? Someone to work through strategy and organization development issues with you? Our private client services may be what you are looking for.

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Vistage Worldwide - in Charlotte, NC.

Are you Interested in participating in a private, professionally-led peer advisory board in conjunction with the preeminent CEO membership organization in the world? This program features monthly meetings with other entrepreneurial leaders, monthly business and executive coaching sessions and quarterly speaker workshops.

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All kinds of leaders, all kinds of companies.

Our clients are a diverse group of people with a diverse group of businesses and issues. These are typically privately held companies; family and investors may be involved. Technology, manufacturing, distribution, financial services, retail - we find that the challenges of leadership and growth are industry-agnostic. Hear from some of our clients.

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Why grow your business? 10 reasons.

Leading a small growth company is hard work.  It requires commitment, focus, creativity and skill.  By  definition, growth requires that you take market share from your competitors.  Directly, if you are in a mature or shrinking market; indirectly, if you are in a growing market.  Why grow at all?  Why not just look for stability,

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What is a real leader? Real leaders listen.

I am passionate about high performance leaders and high performance organizations. Real leaders do the right things for the right reasons.  They model the behaviors they seek.  They have followers.  They have and share vision.  They build strength around them and, in turn, attract the strong.  They think strategically.  They allow themselves to grow and

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